Fever Hospital:                Naas Road

This property is located at the junction of the Naas-Kilmalum roads. It was built originally as a Dispensary in 1842 at a cost of £240. Its purpose was to provide access to free medical advice and services to the local population. In December 1847, during the height of the Famine, it was decided to convert and fit out the Dispensary as a Fever Hospital. The need for this conversion was spawned by the growing increase in fever cases, among the local population, arising from the famine. The top floor of the building was designated the hospital which accommodated 16 patients in each room left & right at the top of the stairs.

The funding for the hospital supported by local landlords; Colonel Smith & Mr. West who each contributed £10 and Naas Poor Law Union. Unfortunately, other landlords in the Blessington area did not offer their support for the conversion as they did not see the necessity of such a measure

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